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“Kill all the lawyers”  

Probably the most mis-quoted line Shakespeare ever wrote.


Everyone hates lawyers – except their own!

No one wants to deal with a lawyer – until they are in trouble, or are in need of help with a big deal with a lot of money involved.


What the quote refers to, and I am paraphrasing, is if you want anarchy, if you want lawlessness, if you want to destroy our way of life and our liberty, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of the protectors of liberty, freedom and the rule of law – the lawyers.  Without lawyers, there would be no such thing as freedom, liberty or rights.  Someone does you wrong – too bad!  The police put you in jail – deal with it!  Someone won’t pay you what they owe you – oh well!


Do you realize that it is lawyers who write the laws and staff the agencies that protect the environment, make our roads and bridges safe, keep our water clean?  Lawyers prosecute criminals and put them in prison. Lawyers also defend those accused of crimes to make certain that rules are followed by the police and prosecutors.


You only read about the unusual cases – the $6 million cup of coffee or OJ out looking for the real killer.  The press never reports on the day-to-day workings of this country, all operating under the rule of law. People living their lives free of government intrusion into their homes or personal lives. Using safe lawnmowers, cars and prescription drugs – safe because of past lawsuit awards and the threat of future ones. Safe because of well-written laws and regulations. Who do you think writes those rules?


Sure, lawyers have helped to complicate our lives, and there is a price to pay in red tape and cost of doing business. But try to imagine a world in which your son is wrongly accused of a crime and there is no one to call for help. Or imagine a world where your baby is born with a catastrophic injury due to a doctor’s mistake, and not only has your child’s life been ruined, but you have to pay the millions of dollars for life-long care.  Do you want to fight the IRS without a lawyer?  How about your spouse who wants to take away your kids in a divorce? 

Kill all the lawyers?  Be careful what you wish for!


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